Hard Evidence: Could Online Poker be a Gamble or is a Game of Skills?

Any player who worth a pair of deuces will say poker it’s all about skill. Probably it might be but, naturally, there has never lacked a chance to prove luck as plays a part. The greenhorns, as mentioned earlier, wouldn’t take part if they never believed in fate. Equally, it wouldn’t be reasonably right to deny that sometimes skills are needed, – otherwise, why would some stars win more regularly than rivals.

According to data released in 2013, online poker houses alone generated about $2.1 billion of total winning in the world, and over the years these rooms have been attracting new beginners whose assumption of their ability bears results inversely related to reality.

What is it we don’t know about luck vs. skills?

Yes, the question in your mind is which of the two dominates the other. The answer is just in the tip of your finger because if we assume poker is a game of chances, it means chances dominates the skill, and if skills dominate chances then automatically poker becomes a game of skills. From reports released of recent research that was investigating how consistency player performs, it was discovered that substantial evidence on the role of expertise in successful play.

However, the research still left a gap of whether skill dominates chance. To clear doubts, a rapid study was conducted between skilled and non-skilled poker players. It was found that tipping point; experienced players had a higher chance to do better compared to their unskilled counterparts.

You may wonder why many researchers are spending much of their time trying to formulate equations for solving the complexity of poker game. What could be the need for these many studies? The truth is, whether poker is a game of chance or skill, it comes with potential legal implications. In some countries what are perceived to be game of chance are subject to even strict jurisdictions; for instance, in many states of USA, online poker is illegal since the passing of unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006.

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